Music Programme Launch

For two days August 14­–15, 2019, youth members of the Ceylon Evangelical Lutheran Church were introduced to the new music programme being led by Bro. Benjamin Vanderhyde, missionary of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. This programme is to enrich their spiritual growth with lessons in church music.

Brother Benjamin taught 35 youths from Nuwara Eliya, Hatton, and Yattiyantota areas. On August 14th, members from CELC congregations, along with the priests, evangelists, and youth, celebrated the music program with an opening service.

Then Bro. Benjamin taught lessons and continued for two days. On the second day, the youth celebrated Matins in the morning led by Bro. Senior Evangelist Anton. The lessons and services took place at Smyrna Fellowship in Nuwara Eliya.

Bro. Benjamin Vanderhyde teaching music to the youths

Brother Benjamin was teaching the youth that they make Christian music when they are singing God’s word. They learned to sing Psalm 95 together with one voice. After practice and the lessons, the singing was very beautiful sound.

Brother Benjamin is staying in Sri Lanka for 1.5 years to teach church music. Youth will come for lessons every month and learn singing, Tabla, and keyboard.

We thank God for these young people who are participating in the music program. We thank God for the gift of music along with his word. Thanks to Bro. Benjamin for his teaching, and to the LCMS for sponsorship of this programme.


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