The Ceylon Evangelical Lutheran Church (CELC) exists to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Sri Lanka, and the love of Jesus Christ through educational and social programmes, according to our resources and abilities.


Biblical and Confessional

The CELC is the confessional Lutheran Synod in Sri Lanka. We are a Bible believing Church. We confess our faith according to the Lutheran confessions of the 16th century, which are contained in the Book of Concord, because they fully agree with the doctrine of Scripture. As a Church, we are always striving to grow in our knowledge and understanding of both Scripture and the Lutheran confessions, to conform all our practices to the true doctrine.

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CELC works closely in fellowship with The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod.


The CELC has an episcopal polity for the spiritual oversight of the Church. All other matters are decided by the national Church Council. During this time of transition, the Church is governed by the Board of Directors, until the local and national elections may take place.

The CELC Board of Directors makes decisions in consultation with members of the Ministerium and other church workers. The current office bearers are:
Rev. Roger B. James, Chairman
Rev. Steven Mahlburg, Secretary
Rev. Dr. Edward Naumann, Treasurer.

The Logo

Words smallOne of the most ancient symbols in the Christian Church, found inscribed on the earliest Christian graves in the Roman catacombs, is the Chi-Rho, which is made by placing together the first two letters of the Greek word ‘Christ’. The ‘Chi’ looks like the English letter X and the ‘Rho’ looks like the letter ‘P’. The ‘Rho’ in our logo is also made to look like a shepherd’s staff, to remind us that Christ is the Good Shepherd. This logo reminds us that our Lord Jesus Christ, the Chief Shepherd, is at the centre of everything we do.