CELC Pastors Recognized in India

In June 2018, all four Pastors of the CELC had the opportunity to visit Concordia Theological Seminary, Nagercoil, the Seminary of the India Evangelical Lutheran Church, to attend lectures on the Christology of the Old Testament, provided by guest lecturer Rev. Brian Flamme of the LCMS.

President of the India Evangelical Lutheran Church, Rev. Suvi, and the Principal of Concordia Theological Seminary, Rev. Dr. Christudas recognized and welcomed the Pastors of the CELC at a special reception.

This visit was possible thanks to the sponsorship of the LCMS, who are investing in theological education for members of the ministerium on an ongoing basis.

Rev. Nadaraja spoke of this visit as an ‘opportunity to meet our brothers in India. and making a good bond’.

For all the Pastors, this is not their first visit to Nagercoil. They all have studied theology before at our sister Church Seminary in the India Evangelical Lutheran Church.

We praise God for this great blessing and opportunity, and for the warm welcome that the Pastors received in India.


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