Pastors Received into Ministerium

In response to the invitation of the Board of Directors of the CELC, all three pastors of the Lanka Lutheran Church together submitted their applications for membership of the Ministerium, at a special pastors’ meeting held in Colombo, on Wednesday, 11 October.

Subsequent to receiving their applications, the Board of Directors unanimously and joyfully agreed to accept them, and welcomed Rev. Nadaraja, Rev. Arulchelvan, and Rev. Devanesan, into the CELC Ministerium, to join Rev. Gnanakumar, who was already ordained into the CELC on 2 September.

The addition of these pastors represents a significant step forward in enabling the Church to conduct ministry effectively. With the leadership of these men, we hope all congregations and mission stations of the Lanka Lutheran Church will be encouraged to submit their congregational applications, and join together unified by our desire to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in our common confession of Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions.

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